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Knowdys was born out of the development of GwethMarshall Consulting (GMC), the first economic intelligence and public affairs consultancy firm specialising in countries of the Central African Economic and Monetary Community (CEMAC). GMC was founded in France in November 2007 by Guy Gweth with the primary goal of contributing, on a practical basis, to the competitiveness of economic actors in Africa who are faced with the increasing international competition.
The creation of Knowdys LLC, Knowdys France SAS and Knowdys Cameroun SARL meets the growing need of enterprises and investors to be accompanied on the African continent (market survey, due diligence and screening of local partners), their installation (paperwork and installation support), and their growth (quest for new markets, intercultural risk management, competitive intelligence services).
To boost the competitiveness of its clients, Knowdys created a unique database on markets, main enterprises, and Sub-Saharan African leaders in 2007. Created some six years ago, and updated on a daily basis with information provided by primary and secondary researches, commercial databases, and internally-conducted decryptions, this tool is useful in generating high value reports in 10 key sectors : food industry, insurances, aeronautics industry, auto industry, energy, banks, construction and civil engineering, pharmaceutical industry, telecommunications, and minerals industry.

The Top Management of Knowdys Group is a member of SCIP (Strategic and Competitive Intelligence Professionals).


The Knowdys team is currently made up of 37 consultants from 13 countries working on 4 continents: Africa, America, Asia, and Europe. They are all experts on African issues.
Our consulting Partners are international experts in economic intelligence, lobbying, due diligence, financial investigation and private equity.
Knowdys also benefits from the invaluable collaboration of its Honourable Correspondents working in the domains of high finance, the bar, the diplomatic corps, security and defence services.


After finishing high school at Prytanée Militaire (St-Louis , Senegal , 1974-1981) , Ababacar MBENGUE graduated from HEC Paris (1984-1987). He continued his education earning a Master of Science from University of Paris (Nanterre) in 1988 , a PhD in Management Science in 1992 followed by an HDR (accreditation to supervise research) in 1996 from the University of Paris Dauphine , and the Aggregation of French Universities in Management Science (1996 contest). He was the first Black African to be successful in the French National Aggregation Competition , in Management Sciences.

Ababacar served for ten years as a business trainer , lecturer and researcher in management (EDF-GDF: 1989-1993; CERAM / Sup de Co Nice: 1992-1995; ESSEC: 1995-1997; Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania: 1996-1998) before serving since 1997 as Full Professor at the University of Rheims (France) , where he created and led / is leading , among other things , the REPONSE Research Team , the Management Department , the CAAE Master , the MBA Program , the “Management in Africa" Master , and the CIRFAM (International Center for Applied Research and Training in Management).

Ababacar is / was, among others , Founding President of the Society for African Management (SAM) since 2012 , member of the jury of the French Aggregation competition in management sciences in 2012 , President of the jury of the African Aggregation competition in management sciences since 2011, President of the Admission Jury of HEC Paris (MBA, Grande École...) since 2011.
As part of his research and training activities, Ababacar has developed over twenty-five years expertise on technical matters of administration and management to enable leaders and decision makers to optimize their strategic and operational capabilities , and effectively manage their human resources by establishing an appropriate framework to establish and maintain a structured and effective dialogue between the stakeholders, and to measure and strengthen the commitment of staff and ensure consistent enforcement of administrative and financial regulation, to develop best practices for implementing planning and efficient and transparent administrative and budgetary oversight, including management of both material and immaterial resources , information technology and communications , procurement , facilities and logistics assets...

This expertise is useful for large multinationals as well as for decision makers in the public and private sectors on strategic issues related to positioning , wealth creation , national development , and on complex technical , institutional , and normative issues on , inter alia , good management and governance challenges , rule of law , African and international issues, fight against poverty , development and the debt of African countries , human resources , education , science and culture , regionalism and integration issues.


Before creating Knowdys LLC, Knowdys France SAS and Knowdys Cameroon SARL, Guy Gweth has worked for seven years as a risk management consultant and as international investigation officer for many Central African governments, renowned firms, NGOs, and think tanks. His references include: Caritas Internationalis, EDF R&D, Exxon Mobil, ENAM, Friedrich Ebert Stiftung, Sanofi Aventis, USAID.

As an economic intelligence consultant and expert in African markets, Guy Gweth manages the Doing Business in Africa programme within the Master of "Strategy and International Business Development" in Centrale Paris, and teaches international due diligence for the MBA of “Strategy and Consulting” in ESG Paris. He is also the head of economic intelligence of the financial news magazine Les Afriques.
Former member of the Executive Doctorate in Business Administration of Paris-Dauphine, Guy Gweth graduated from Ecole de Guerre Economique in Paris (Advanced School of economic war), Centre d'Etudes Diplomatiques et Stratégiques in Paris (Centre of Diplomatic and Strategic Studies), and Faculty of Law and Political Science of the University of Yaoundé II. He is also a member of the Strategic and Competitive Intelligence Professionals.